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Have you ever heard of Shai Agassi? What about the Better Place?

If you’ve never heard of those two, you’ll probably never have heard of the revolutionary idea of electric cars taking over the oil powered ones we have on the roads today. Cars with zero emissions that break the dependence on oil, creating a sustainable mode of transport that is not detrimentally fateful to our environment as it is to the stability of our economy, and lifestyles.

Say what? Electric cars? Isn’t that a fad already proven inefficient and unpopular? Zero emissions – are you nuts?!

Don’t take it just on my word, check it out yourself. Visit the Better Place. Find out more about the guy who’s creating all these new possibilities, read Shai’s blog. Even better, keep up to date with the latest information and videos by fantastic speakers spreading revolutionary ideas from ted.com. Wired.com was the one that spread the message of electric cars to me (Thanks Ella for the link!), and I say, keep up-to-date with all this information.

Still can’t believe this is happening right as we speak?


Israel was the first to jump on the bandwagon in January 2008, and in the same year, Denmark came into the picture in March, and in October and December, Australia and Japan joined in respectively. California, Hawaii and Canada have also committed to this vision. Thanks to sites like greenprophet.com and wecansolveit.org, we can all keep up with this rapid tidal wave of change.

So where is Singapore on this chart?

For the record, Better Place Asia actually came to an Energy Carta meeting held here in Singapore in 2008, but whether there are updates or even any plans to take up this radical scheme is unknown. Anyone with info is welcome to contribute here!

Meanwhile, all we can do now is, I suppose, keep catching up.


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