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WOW. Nearly a year since my last post – probably an indicator on how busy things have gotten! However, I’ve also gotten messages via this blog from people, and more than a hundred people read this blog every month – I’m pleasantly surprised and very grateful! Thank you very much, readers – and have a brilliant rest of 2011!

So quickly, some updates: I got back in May last year, and have been doing my final year project ever since. Am also working on another publication with some colleages, hopefully that works out. Grad school awaits when the articles have been published! (:

Pulled together like-minded people yesterday for a ‘green’ meeting yesterday – would have to say it was not only fruitful but also an eye-opener! Will be going for Green Drinks meeting this month for it’s biodiversity double-bill, where one of the speakers is the ever-charming Sivasothi aka otterman!

Green Drinks in a nutshell:
+ non-profit, environmental group
+ connecting and informing
+ targetting community, business, activitists, academia, government
+ informal talks every last Thursday of the month

Started in London, Green Drinks has now spread to more than 710 cities. Great stuff eh! Check out some past green drinks sessions and their speakers here.

They’re treating January as the month of Biodiversity – know anyone who is curious about the green scene in Singapore? How about those who have environmental-business inclinations but don’t have the connections? Need to network but don’t have the platform? Come to Green Drinks and start from there.

Support the local Green Drinks!

More soon.


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I just received news of this – do spread news of the program to people you know fit the bill!

Bayer Young Environmental Envoy program – welcoming youths between 17 – 24 years of age to apply with proposals of environmental projects they would like to see put into action – if they are selected for this program, together with 11 other Singaporeans they will join an environmental leadership camp in Singapore, and possibly an all expenses paid trip to Germany awaits them! 4 students from Singapore will be selected for the trip to Germany, which is there for the youths to gain exposure to wide number of environmental measures currently used by all levels of government and industry in Germany.

Find out more HERE.

Should you know any persons interested please do pass it on! The brochure can be attained through the website, and so is the application form available there. (: This seems like a really good opportunity for people passionately involved in environmental issues to channel their energies proactively.

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It’s been a couple of months since I last updated, and I’ll be sending in some entries on the field trips that we did in Toronto for the first part of school, in our summer course (Ecology in Human Dominated Environments).

Those of you from the tropics reading these posts, think about what kind of differences the systems you see in temperate regions have that set them apart from the tropical rainforests as you know it. What are the conditions that temperate species deal with that tropical ones don’t? Are the systems that different after all? What kind of underlying concepts apply to both tropical and temperate?

On a side note, there’s a new interest I have in a project. Operation Wallacea, a collection of scientific expeditions (as modern as you can expect expeditions in this day and age to be), conducts training courses as well as opens itself for research assistance in various countries with Indonesia being it’s first and flagship site, and Madagascar being its newest. Other countries include: Egypt, Peru, Cuba, Mozambique, etc.


Think you’ve got what it takes to be trekking through the jungle, carrying out surveys for rare amphibians and reptiles? Imagine yourself sitting in the boat, looking through the river for caimans and river dolphins for a project. What about identifying birds through calls, or stumbling upon a pride of lions in the savannah, and knowing exactly what to do not to piss them off?

Check the site out. It’s expensive, but it certainly sounds worth it.

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Thanks to Sandra Tan’s reference, I now know about this film to be played at the NUS Arts Festival, called Energy Crossroads – a burning need to change course. By Christophe Fauchere, its a 54min long documentary following the global population increase and drastic need for energy.

As our global population and its appetite for energy rise drastically, resource depletion and global warming have become the most pressing issues facing humanity…when demand exceeds supply…within the next 15 years..how can we avoid an energy crisis and a possible collapse of our economy?


In addition to increasing geopolitical conflicts, the process of extracting and using these crucial resources is endangering the very own habitat that we depend on to prosper as a species … for us to survive our modern self-destructive societies, we will have to change course drastically and as fast as possible.

This award-winning documentary exposes the problems associated with our energy consumption. It also offers concrete solutions for those who want to educate themselves and be part of the solutions in this decisive era. The film features passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, experts and scientists at the forefront of their field bringing legitimacy and expertise to the core message of the piece.

FREE at the UCC courtyard, catch this show at 8pm on 7th March.

The other film that Tiroir A Films created was The Great Squeeze, and you can check it out through the link here. Reflecting similar issues, it is another award winning film by the same company. Won’t be shown at the Arts Festival though, for this one.


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